5 Best Apps To Find Internet Best Friend and Pen Pals! ( Honest Review)

IntriguingTalk.com - To have a great best friend is everyone's dream! However, have you ever heard Internet best friend or pen pal? That's way cooler than you think!

Internet best friend is someone that you are closer with and can talk everything to in online. Well, you may find word "online" bother you but they can be your lovely bestie! While pen pal is a person that you can write and send letter to (It's more likely exchange letter) through postman! So far, internet bestie can be pen pals and otherwise pen pals can be your bestie as well.

Everything surely will start from strangers into know well person! Thorough time, it will be settled into beautiful friendship, so don't worry about not getting along! Now, i will recommend you 5 Best Apps to Fine Pen Pals and Internet best friend ++ Honest Review from Me based on my experience on it. These app really will help you to find and meet different people around the world free! You can get some plus such like getting know other cultures and exchange languages! So, what are you waiting for?

1. Reach - Internet Best Friend

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This is the best app so far to find some great online best friends based on my experience.

In this app you'll get offered to find some friends who shared same interest with you. This app really filled by people with pure willingness who just wants to make friends or talk to! Beside there are some who wants to learn or know other cultures. Well to be honest, there are a few people who consider this as dating app, they're usually here to flirt or looking for relationship and that's bad. However, never mind to those people, usually those dirty people got banned soon as people would report them to Reach Team.

You have to put your bio, interest (there will be a space for it) and also profile pic! The pic shouldn't be your own real pic but it's better to use yours so people would know whom they talk to. Then, after writing your bio, it will immediately be shared as a post, this may be the new feature, so other people will see your post. You also can see other posts on walls, there are many posts about bios and others while you'll be able to start to post something in your timeline with some hashtag that needed to put.

There's a space that will show some people with same interest with you and you can filter those ages, gender, and areas to find your right people. If you want to talk, you can just send a message then it would automatically said "Hi (People's name) ". Therefore, remember that you can only message to 15 people on a day but it won't longer happen if someone whom you text to replies your text soon.

Based on my experience, i have used this app btw like for a year, i think this app is safe for ages since there's a filter to that. I got lots friends and meet lots of people with different background in the world. I get to know their cultures, their education system, their lives, and more. I made friends with some include the ones who shared same interest with. Even, i have some IBF (internet best friend) that i'm still talking to till this day!

Plus, you'll meet some people with different characters here! Ha! From the rude ones to the talk active ones! Well, personally, i hate to match with people who is really rude or can't carry conversation, let's say people who don't put effort or courage in talking.

I would highly recommend this for you and give 5 stars for this!

2. Slowly App

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This app is more likely snail mail in online version, trust me! It's purposely designed for pen pals wanna be in a simple way.

Here you will see some features writing letter, matches space, and more. First, you can choose you want to send the letter randomly or purposely. If you want
send the letters to random person, you can start your letter whatever it is, it can be introduction of yourself, hobbies or vice versa. You will be required to put interest or kind of hashtag so it's better that your letter suit to what's interest you put. It will make easier to us finding right people with same interest. After sending it, will be arrived for 3 days more to the person. Otherwise, if you want to write letter purposely, you can find people in match space first. There is a match space that filled people with different interest, gender, and ages. Well, you can filter it anyways as what you want! Then after matching to someone, write it ou and choose the stamps and send!

This app is so amazing so far, i met a lot of people based on different interest that i put. We talked a lot about life, school, journaling, and more! Moreover, once you closer, you get moved to other social medias or even do real pen pals with each other!!

I haven't met any disturbing account in here during my experience using this. It's really pure as same as Reach but the difference is that there's no people who looking for relationship or others.

The lack is that we need to wait over 3 days + to get the reply! Just like the real pen pal!

3. Bottled

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Bottled is likely app to meet random people through bottle.

Here it works :
Well, you write it out something, it can about yourself, hobbies, or more, then you send it through bottle. Then, there will be a person who found your bottle and reply it! You can also get the bottle from others that may be filled with introduction, phrase, and more. It's up to you whether you want to get and reply it. If you won't reply or not interested in that person, you can throw the bottle again! Usually every bottle will have a flag state where the sender is from.

Additional information, you'll also get some badges and coins, if i remember, that can be used while writing or sending the letter.

To sum up, it's beautiful app to find friends but from my experience, it's hard to find great or right friends who shared same interest with us. Also, there are a few people who using this app inaccurately. As long as you are careful and enjoy, this app is so great for you! I get some friends from this app and it's really nice to talk to them about everything!

4. LMK App - : Q&A and Make Friends

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Well this app is related to snapchat. To be frankly, this app actually can be used for both dating or making friends.

Well you can swipe just like Tinder haha, to find your match! Or you can post introduction and what you're looking for, i. e "Hi, i'm Blair. I love playing guitar and i'm looking for friends". Well, then there will be some people that will reply or talk to you. Usually, the post is only limited to 5 hours, except you pay for premium.

I love this app since i get meet lots of friends especially for girls friends. Therefore, this app is pretty annoyed since there are lot of people who make girlfriend/boyfriend applications or just seeking for attention in post. Yep, you can post everything in here, just like Facebook.

Other things that i don't like is there are some cringe people or people with dirty mind who only wants to "have fun" if you know what i mean. Despite that, you can filter ages, gender, and location as what you want so it's pretty good!

5. Instagram/Twitter

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You must gushes why do i put twitter and Instagram in this though they aren't kind of this app, right? Yes these apps is right apps to find online friends or even pen pals, trust me!

First, for twitter.

Well you can find a lot of online friends that can be your internet best friend here. You can just join some fandom that you're interested in. Example, you are a fan of Billie Eillish then you just follow some Billie Eilish stan account or tweet " I need mutual who likes billie eillish" Don't forget to put the tag. It's used for everyone who stan eveyrthing, even you stan anime, movies, games, memes or something. You'll find the community, group, and person. You can even be closer to one of them

For instagram.

Well you can start by searching with keywords "Pen pal" then there will be some penpal accounts to start with, it's kind of community.

In the community account, you can or may submit your bio and what type of pen that pal you're looking for through dm or email that written in its bio. Usually they will use email to submit the application, Then after you submit, just wait, then the admin will screenshot your email text and shared through its account and tagged you. After that, frequently some people with criteria that you written will dm you and ask you to do pen pal with them.

I did this and it's so wonderful. I had pen pal friends from some countries include USA, Czesh Republic, Austria, Germany and more. IT's fun thing to do, you can exchange gifts and learn other cultures as well! Well, i still contact with them till this day!

So that's 5 Best Apps To Find Internet Best Friend and Pen Pals! ( +Honest Review). If you have any questions, just do it in the comment! Having friends around the world also would make us easier whenever we visit their countries since there's someone that wait for us or that we can meet up to!