Find Your Own Learning Style! Top 7 Types of Learning Styles, Which Ones Are Yours? -  Learning is something that we need to o to understand things that we want to know. Do you know that everyone has their learning style? or probably have you like ever guess, " Oh i don't feel wanna study and i'm suck at studying'' or even more " I can't even understand this all!! Why is it so hard to understand this lesson!!" Yes, that's we called learning style. Every person has their own learning style, whether you are older or child people since everyone has different ability to get over something or understand material. Sometimes, the problem that we get when we try to study or learn something is that we haven't found and known what's exactly our learning style. It makes us really hard to get the lesson as if the charge doesn't mach to is phone. There's no like electricity to progress on it, same as the brain and our thinking.

To all parents who are reading this, it's mostly important that you need to understand what's your children's learning style. As a result, you will be able to guide them easily and do the best for helping in their studying progress. For students, you really need to know this as it's related to your own ability and studying progress. Once you know this, you need to dig deeper like what's the tips and guidance for your own style so you can learn and study comfortably while you're trying your best in class!  Find out your learning style is just like find your true self. You will be relief for escaping and finding for solutions that you need really to know.

So everyone, let's start this! here are 8  Learning Style!

1. Visual Learning

People who has this kind learning style love studying  related to visualization like diagrams, colorful books, and so on. If you get easily understand while you're seeing picture, grams, an all things relate to visual, then you probably are a visual learner! This person usually loves to draw or decor their own notebook that makes them easier to memorize and understand. For example, nowadays, there are trends with lettering things, yup! A visual learner usually loves drawing mind mapping or just do lettering while writing the notes. In other hands, visual learner is usually such diligent people, that can't see untidy written on board or books. They rather like seeing than listening to someone's explanation.

So, if you are a visual learner, it's better that you start learning by creating notes, flashcards, highlighting your materials and so on. Also start noticing and paying attention to your teacher.

2. Auditory Learning

Auditory Learning is a learning style that require sounds to process all information and thing which are currently learning to. This person who is an Auditory learner is usually get understood by which listening audio books, people's explanation, and so on. They prefer to sit and listen to teacher's explanation for hours straight. This people loves listening to music while studying because it helps them delves deeper understanding. We can say that auditory learner has deeper understanding of music.  In addition, they also doom their finger or singing to understand complex material. However, they often forget things which is from teacher's explanation or instruction. They don't like reading or looking around instruction, but they likely talk and speak to themselves most time to get understand and memorize material. So don't be worry if one of your students ( for teaches) or classmates that don't take notes since this kind of people consider that taking notes is a distraction.

So, if you are kind of this person,you'd better start studying with music, audio books, and so on. You can also listen and pay attention to teacher's explanation carefully, ask when you don't get the material. It would be worth for you! Choose music that suitable and sounds comfy for studying. The last one, you can discuss your written work, speaking and explaining to your group of friends, and so on. 

3.  Linguistic Learning

Linguistic Learning is a style of learning that needs writing, reading, listening, and speaking to understand and get the information. These people usually like using words, whether reading or writing even speaking to get understood. For example these people love poems,poetry, and so on.

So, if you love reading with words, probably you are a linguistic learner. Tips are that you need or can create acronym to help your studying. In addition, you can also playing cared words with your friends then read it loudly. In this everything relates to writing and reading mostly.

4. Kinesthetic Learning

Look like the picture above, this style of learning needs physical movement to get through information and understanding. This type of people likely want to feel something directly or participate in the direct action to understand something. In addition, they are so into psychical activity such like sports, gardening, and so on. They can be very active while doing something! Otherwise, they get bored when they have to listen someone's explanation or something, but couldn't be more excited while getting into team project, group work, and so on.

For you, who consider yourself as type of this, better create some stuff to be practiced such like create atom from something to understand chemistry lesson or memorizing lessons while you're doing something you like

5. Logical Learning

Logical Learning is a learning styles that requires understanding through logical reasoning. People with this kind of learning style usually be able recognize pattern easily and see the relation information one to another that most people don't realize since they use their logic as the most way. They are good at things that need problem solving, and so on. They are great maths, mostly, and other stuff that has same field like math. They don't like memorizing ever lesson they have, since they know they always their logic to think and analytic something.

6. Intrapersonal Learning

Intrapersonal Learning is a  learning style that loves take the information through their own time and alone. Usually, many people with this learning style prefer to study alone than with their friends. They feel like ''studying together'' is a distraction. They are very independent and choose to do everything by themselves so they can know what they want. They also usually likes reading and studying through smartphone in their own time.

7. Interpesronal Learning

Interpersonal Learning is a learning type of style that needs social ability since it's related with lots of people. Let's say that type of this person is usually an extrovert with much social ability in every group of society. They loves discussing or studying with a group of friends or even teachers. They mostly spend their studying time with their friends and have difficult studying alone since usually spend their activities with people. So if you are kind of this, you can start making a study group with your friends, so it will help you!

So, have you found which ones is your style learning? If you did, glad to hear! As learning is most important thing, it will make your progress and move easier to reach your dreams and future. It means that it's kind of a start in your life, especially for students! If you wonder, this learning style can be double for ourselves, for example, i myself have mixed learning style that i mentioned above, so it would be better if we mixed the tips well.