Why You Need to Stop Smoking? Here 5 Reasons That You Should Know

IntriguingTalk.com - Smoking is probably what most people in the earth love to do. There are many factors why people start to smoke, mostly it's said that it can reduce stress or relaxing, give chills feeling and many others. But have you realized that smoking can be a dangerous for your life itself? Yes, we know and all people do what the impact be got from it. Whatever the impact is, people still don't care about it. 

Though people (Smoker) knows what the effect is to their lives or health, they can't solely stop it because it's not easy things to do. Once we get jump in, we will get into deeper into a pleasant pond of addiction. One of the reasons is that the "pleasant" feeling that nicotine derive inside the smoke. Even when we stop, sometimes we are getting risk at being active smoker again because we lost that "smoke" vibes. Whether it's weed, juul or cigarettes, you need to stop cause it's not healthy at all. Stop smoking before surgery and disease come to you.

However, i'm sure if we have such a great willingness to stop doing it, we can. Love yourself and save your life. Probably you can start to read the reasons why you have to stop smoking so you can delves deeper understanding and make it better.

Here 5 Reasons Why We need to quit/stop smoking

1. It causes much disease for your health

a. Lung cancer

Smoking can be the risk at getting lung cancer and even most of the time, lung cancer is the main reason of getting lung cancer. That's horrible i guess. The ingredients chemical of smoke such like CO2, and so on can damage your lung. As a result, it will make you get such problem  perspiration as the dangerous chemical irritate the lungs. You have to see the picture of lungs from people who is an active smoker. It's full of black. 

b. Stroke

Smoking can increase your risk to get stroke disease. It also can make aneurism which is a swelling of blood vessel that occurs as a result of weakening the vessel wall

c. Mental disease

Probably most smoker will say that cigarettes or smoking can relief from stress.  You are wrong! Instead of reducing stress, it actually causes stress it gives anxiety and sad feeling due to missing addiction against nicotine. As result, when you smoke, the addiction of nicotine will be helped as if you feel that smoke reduces your stress. 

d. Gastric Acid

Smoking can weak muscle that takes a control to the bottom of your esophagus. It will make the acid run into the wrong way which is up to the esophagus. It also cam make Gastric cancer. 

e.  Miscarriage (for pregnant woman) 

The risk of getting miscarriage is at high level when pregnant woman smoke or inhale the gas of it. The chemical which was contained in smoke get into run blood and fetus that will cause genetic disorders for the baby even miscarriage. So, that why stop smoking during pregnancy.

2. Makes people around you sick! 

When you're smoking, the one who will get the effect isn't only yourself, but people around you do as well. Think of people around you and don't be selfish. When you're probably chillin' with your smoke, people around you get sick of that. Passive smoker, even get the worse impact than the active one. The gas that burn from the smoke can damage their respiration while they inhale  it. It means that we can make someone die from it so we are better off. 

3. Ruin your teeth

It's kinda long term impact of smoking. The nicotine which is part of the smoke chemical will make your teeth turns to yellow if you smoke. If you don't believe it, just look at active smoker that you've known and if she/he get a clean teeth for being active smoker in such a long time, they probably get brushed teeth in dentist, guess. Also it can make you teeth rotten. Who would have yellow and rotten teeth anyways? 

4. Save much money and time

Smoking can waste much time and money. We all know probably it's not our business to be minded. But just think clearly like when you have much free time, instead of spending time with your friends or family, you spending time by smoking alone. It can be nonsense actually. It happens to daily money that we use to buy smoke. I mean, it would better to spend it for a good investment probably. Imagine, when you buy a box of cigarette for a today and you spend it tor just a day or a few days, then you buy it. The amount cigarettes that you bought for. a year must be at level million i guess which it will be worth for a good thing and useful ones. 

5. Your sense of taste and smell will be better

Smoking is annoyed your taste, so by stopping it, you will get better experiment while taste something. Also, you can smell flower, and so on freshly. You will be able to taste and smell well. You will get happier and healthier. 

Probably it's not easy to do it as it's said but if we can do it step by step, we can. You have known the reason why smoke habits is needed to stop so it hopefully will change your mind and stop that habits. Save your life and others. Never too late to start something better, isn't?