Single? Don't Worry! Here 6 Benefits That You Can Get Of Being Single

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash - Single is a condition when someone isn't committed in any relationship with anybody or having no partner romantically. As we may hear about self-partnered, being single is not a problem, instead it's cool. It is a choice for everybody, it's not even the worst thing with full sadness for everybody. Even having no partner, we can still be happy in our own way and do some useful things in life. Not only that, we can do WHATEVER we want without needing to get permission from someone. I mean we don't have to be embarrassed in front of our friends for being single while it's fun and normal. When we are single, it's right time for us to fix, love, and heal ourselves, so don't worry! It will give much benefits for us. Don' never ask yourself why i never get partner or will i be single forever or how not to be single because everything takes much time. I will tell you why!

Here are 5 Benefits from Being Single

1. Get lots of support systems 

 Who said that a single woman often gets lonely? No, it's wrong! Lonely is a common thing in our life and it doesn't always happen to single only but even someone who gets relationship sometimes feel lonely. In fact, being single gets a lot people and friend who support and become support systems. We still get support system who is more worth than having a partner

2. Save Much Money and Become More Thrift

Sometimes get in relationship as as boy, we always pay the bills or buying some gifts or stuff for our partner. If we're single, it will definitely save our pocket much! also it can be bought for some useful things or our daily needs. 

Same as boy, single woman also can save much money. As girlfriend, we may not let our partner to always pay our bill, so we will pay it. It will different if we're single, we will be wiser for handling money since we have no burdens to pay to. Instead of it, we can use it for entertaining ourselves on saturday night, eh? 

3. Not getting much thoughts and worry! 

Imagine if you're in a relationship, when you get a problem at house and also in your relationship, it will make you to get more burden and be more complicated. 

It would be different thing for single people because they used to do their activities by themselves without any boy/girlfriend so they can be free from romance problem. They can do whenever they want without telling someone, never feel worry for insisting someone cheating, and setting free from negative thoughts. 

4. Focus To Reach Goals

Being single will ease us to be more focus on our goals and reach dreams. Not only that, we can be more free to express, without being managed. 

It would be different for people who have partner, they would be hard to make decision without telling our partner because probably sometimes our partner would not give us permission. As a result we have to discuss it. 

5. Having lots time to do useful thing and Me time! 

Being single gave us lots of time to do some useful thing rather than spending time with our partner.  It will make us more productive ans increase our skill for sure especially for teenagers. Also we can spend our time to our families or best friend. The best thing is we get much me time to spend which would be useful for ourselves, for example, watching movie and so on!

6. Time to fix and love self

Hmm, before love someone it would be better to love ourselves more right? So being single is best time to do it and to be a better person, in case, preparing to gt someone who is right for us in the future. Also, we can spend time to heal and fix ourselves which it's a plus for single woman/man.

So, that's it. Being single isn't an embarrassed stuff like what i said before and having relationship won't always make you happy. Happiness doesn't only depend on our relationship, but how we make and see it positively. It's just about time, and won't last forever when you are ready