Dealing With Breakup? Here 12 Best Ways To Move On From Ex Quickly - Broke up from someone is such a hard thing to accept, even if it's not in the good way. Broken heart and pain is still on and it can make stress even depression. I guess most people have ever been through this phase whether divorcing or somewhat and the only thing we can do is move on. 

Move on isn't as easy as what we say. Memories and all stuffs that happened between our exes and us will always stay on mind and it cant be got off easily. That's the moment when we will feel sad and miserly finding difficult time. Moreover, your ex just finds the new love that will make you hurt most. Rather than spending time over sadness, you can do some things to make yourself move on. 

Here are 12 Best Ways to Move On From Your Ex Quickly

1. Do some positive things. 

Make yourself keep busy is one of the best way to forget someone. Look for  best and some useful activities to do with. Focus with that so you will have no time to remember those memories. Instead of being sad, you'll get some skill improvement. 

You can also do some hobbies that you usually do before you get in relationship. It will make you more relax and entertain you.

2. Get away from stuff that your ex gave you

There are many things that will remind us from someone which one of them is a present/gift. It wouldn't be usual thing if we will automatically remember someone just from seeing stuff or smelling something related that person. 

Our brain will automatically play memories and identify it. Instead of getting moved on, you just gotta remember and stuck with those thjngs. Better throw those thing or give it to charity

3. Accepting reality

The hardest thing is to accept reality. Moreover, if the reality is a such a bad and bitter one. You will need much to be able to accept it. 

Accepting reality is a great way to make your life easier. Try to think that everything in this world is only God's creature so we won't be happy or sad long after

4. Take a break from social media

Social media can make you curious about your ex. You can be either addicted, obsessed of and be stalker for Them. However, it's better to get out of those so it will help you to forget them

5. Open yourself more

Don't get too much sad over those things and dont let those things make you take yourself off from society. Try to talk or hang out with your friends or get in touch with society. The new people and interact can take your mind about your ex off and let yourself have fun. 

6. Try to have a pet

When you still stuck in sadness over your broke up, one of ways to relieve it is to have a pet that can be your company and entertains you. 
Having a pet during difficult time can offer you such an emotional and love that can break your pain. Research showed that being closer with pet can reduce your emotional feeling.

7. Express what you feel by writing

I  think this is  most common thing to express what i feel but this is one of fastest ways to move on. Some experts have been proved that writing can be benefit for health in some temperament time. Actually not all kind of writing that we mentioned, but expressive writing can help to lower heart beat and maintain yourself to fit in easily in physiology 
So it's better to express what you feel in paper rather than bury it inside yourself. 
It will make you relief. 

8. Love yourself

I guess you've ever heard "Love yourself first before you love someone". The hardest part that happens to people is love ourselves and so the hardest move on is. Believe that you deserve to be loved and treated better. 

Forgiving yourself and try to be good is better instead of blaming and daubting your fault. So just try to make your pain to be your advantage because everything happens for a reason. What happened in your pas relationship taught you many lesson if you would review it for getting better one in future. Admit your fault on that also can be some important parts of being better person. 

9.  Don't regret over what happened

Dont keep thinking and regarding things that had happened. Like what i said before, everything happens for a reason. Instead of regretting for what had happened, better you think the best reason and benefit off why you broke up. 
I know evertything is hard during those times, but it doesn't mean you cant move on from it. 

10. Spend your time with your friends and have fun

Getting this hard time take lots energy and time from yourself and it also means that you need some supports from your fellows.  Tell everything to them and i'm sure they will help you out. Trying have fun gonna make you forget these things and increase your mood! That whats friends for right? 

11. Cut All Communications Off

Cut all medias communication that related to your ex. When you call it quits means that's totally over. Avoiding those make you more totally forget and relief. Delete her/his number, messages, and so on. It's not a childish action but someone said that when you interact with someone you love, it will make you want that person. 

12. Be patient and there's another fish in the sea! 

Your exes are not only the one in the world that loved you. There are many people who can make you happier than your previous exes. Just be patient, it's just about time. You will find your true soulmate and the right one for you because you deserve to be loved! 

That's best tips to let someone go and move on from your ex or someone that you still love. To you who still find difficult to move on, can move on easily. Sometimes it's better to let someone go and deserve new one better!