Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World That You Should Know -  Dog is one of human friendly's bestfriends. They are unique and have cute behavior. They can be active, hugable, and playable. Othermwise, they can be very smart and helpful for us, for instance some of them can be used for a guard or security than a family pet.

Therefore, dogs can be way more expensive than you know and realize. Most rich people solely buy expensive dogs just to be their buddy. Some of those dogs cost amount of sum money while they also need and require extensive medical care to ensure their long live and health. 

Some reasons why some of them cost expensive because they are rare and unique. That's rareness is related the treatment, like how to take care of them.They are spread around the world, from spain, UK, sri lanka, USA and so on. 

You probably get surprise and won't believe that these dogs exist! We have made a list of top most expensive dogs. 

Here are top 10 Most Expensive Dogs That You Should Know

1 Samoyed - 14000 USD

Samoyed is currently having the highest popularity among other dogs. This dog is easy trained and friendly. Also, they can be our hug buddy when we need a hug because they give us such a comfortable warmth.

A samayed is worth 14.000 USD. Not only how expensive their cost, but their daily care and treatment also complicated, such like they have problems on summer, and so on. Despite it, it just depends on yourself and purpose to take care of them,  so i think it's quite good choice

2. Löwchen

Lowchen is well known as little lion dong since they look like little lion, ha! They are originally  from France and turns to be  current popular dog in most Europe countries.

They are worth 12.000 USD and little do you know that expensive cost is due to their rareness. They are unique and also  good company!

3.  Chow-Chow - 11.000 USD

Look how cute they are and  just look like a cute bear who pretends to be a dog, LOL.  This one is called choe choe, a dog which has tight and soft fur, quite big, and cute face. Chow-chow is originally from China and become one of the oldest and most rare dogs in the world.

This dog worth 11.000 USD so it's quite fair if you want to have such a cute and rare dog, right? their life can be up to 12 years and  not only have cute face too, but this one can be such an arrogant dog sometimes :)

4. Tibetan Mastiff

This dog as like their name is from Tibet but have been spread around the world. They have such giant body, tight hair, and quite scaring face.

Usually tibet are used a guard and security dog for farmers in order to protect their farm from wolves and so on. Otherwise, if you want to have this one, you need take your money out 10.000 USD.

5. Azawakh - 9.500 USD

This dog is unfamiliar and concluded as new dog since their genes were developed in  late 2019. It's worth 9.500 USD and from Africa. Azawakh usually are used as a hunter dog and buddy. They have close bond with Middle Eastern dog and can live around 12 up to 15 years.

6. Rotweiller - 9000 usd

Ah, you must know this dog because they are quite common right? But fyi this dog is worth around 9000 usd which make them  as one of the most exoensive dogs. They can be your playing buddy though their treatment would need extra energy. They can live around 8 up to 11 years.

7. British Bulldog - 9000 USD

British bulldog has a medium body and wrinkle face which make them look cute and unique. They cost 9000 USD and make it as one of the most expensive dogs. Other more, their treatments are so high as their cost, so you have to be ready for it.

8.  Canadian eskimo - 8700 USD

You must guess this as eskimo right? But, unfortunately they are not, it just looks like it. It's canadian eskimo and if you want to have them, you need 8700 USD.

According history, Canadian eskimo is from Siberia until 1000 years ago. They were brought to American and during that period, the population is decreased. It is caused by snowmobile and mass murder in 1950s  which purposely done just to make them less. Surprisingly, it is hard for them to increase their population and developed. This dog aren't recommended as family pet.

9. Dogo Argentino (8000 USD)

Dogo Argentino has strong muscle, big body, and serious face. Usually they are used as a hunter dog as it we can see. Dogo Argentino were developed 1928 in with its former ancestor Cordoba Fighting Dog and Great done which had been  vanished since long time ago. Usually they can live around 12 up to 14 years.

10. Pharoh Hound  - 7500 USD

This rare dog are originally from Malta and its name mean "Rabbit Dog" in Malta because they usually love to hunter and catch a rabbit. They are usually smart and easy trained also active. 

Their normal weight is around 40-45 pounds and have height around 23-25" for boys and 21-24 for girls. They can live around 11 and 14 years and  cost 7.500 USD. Usually They get stress easily just like human and that can throw them into death. 

So, which dogs you think are cute of those expensive lists? I think if we want to pet a dog, we can choose local cute dog with medium and cheap price. However, if you really want to have such a rare and cute dog, you can pick those of expensive dogs and take much money for it.