10 Best Ways To Stop and Avoid Forgetting Things

Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash

IntriguingTalk.com-  We may often forget something and it's normal. Being forgetful person not only happens for older people, but many teenagers and adults do. Even at school, sometimes teenagers or students may forget to do homework, for instance. The most funny thing is sometimes we forget  where we put something without knowing actually we're holding it even when it comes to phone. 

Expert said that this habit (being forgetful) is related to our memory brain. We may be amazed to people who has strong memory such like they can remember their long password easily and can remember lesson quickly.Why it happens? because they have strong memories and among other factors. 

Being forgetful is caused by many factors which is age, many thoughts, problems, and so on. It can be caused by some disease related to brain so it should be handled seriously. We must wonder " How to stop forgetting key, password, and things? "How to stop forgetting things easily? "
We have best tips to stop and prevent forgetting things so it will be got more done. 

Here are 10 Best Ways To Stop and Prevent Forgetting Things

1. Making notes

Making notes is the best way to stop forgetting things. For instance, you can start to create to-do-list for your activity that will be done. Either you can start making notes plan for your job or reminder so you won't forget it. 

You can do it daily, before doing activity, nights and days. Write notes can be therapy that has large effects for your memory. Also you can attach it on your study board. 

2. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important. You need to get rest for getting relaxing and boosting your memory. It's important for your memory. You need to get slept. around 7-8 hours (normal sleep time). If you can't do it properly, you can take a nap or sleep a while when you have break after work

3. Being active mentally and do some exercise properly

It's the same as your body, your memory needs to be fresh and healthy. Doing some activities that stimulate your mental, such like playing sudoku, join some community. 

In other hands, doing some exercise can expedite your blood well throughout your body that make you be able to think clearly and freshly and keep memory. So, i guess it will help your memory so much. 

Department of health in USA suggest people do some exercises for 150 minutes per week to get best result. If you cant do it, at least you do some exercise 2 times a week. 

4. Eating health foods

Food that has the most impact is the one who consist of omega 3. For instance, salmon, eggs, any kinds of vegetables and fruits and so on. Those foods can improve your brain's work and avoid forgetting things easily. 

The most important is to avoid either some fast foods and junk foods. Not only that, you have to avoid some foods that consist of high sugar or fat. They can weaken your memory. 

You should relieve drinking alcohol and start drinking water properly. Alcohol can make damage in your brain

5. Listening to music

We may usually forget about our friend's birthday, notes, and so on but not music. We usually don't get any difficult while trying to remember song, music or probably our childhood music/song. You must be wondering why can it happen? Okay, it's because its rhyme and song can be memorized easily

So, i'd recommend you create some song to remember something or you can listen to music when you're tryna understand some lessons or information. As a result, when you try to remember that thing, you will do some recalling by remembering the song that you've heard. That's why many people and student improve their concentration during studying by listening some songs. 

6. Stop chewing gum

Scientist from Cardiff University doing some research and found out that chewing gum can damage memory for in short time. 

During sessions experiments, 97 students was asked for to remember the letter or identified the lost item of the letter structure. Their memory was getting worse while they were chewing gum. It was concluded that by moving tongue and mouth while chewing can bother and damage memory

7. Try to manage stress well and don't stress too much

Everyone have ever felt stress for sure and it's such a common thing. However stress can make your blood high, decrease your immune. Not only that, stress can weaken you memory so it would be better if you can manage stress well. 

8. Reading

Beside those things above, memory on brain can be trained by reading. This can be habit for the readers. Reading can make you to get more concentration easily and critical thinking. In addition, by reading, it will train your visual ability and make your brain save any new words on memory. If you do reading continuously, the risk of being senile can be avoided even you're getting older

9. Manage your condition

Other ways, by following the construction of the doctor is the best way if you were in some exact condition on your health such like getting depression, obesity, and so on. 
the better you keep your condition, the better you keep your memory. 

10. Learn new things

Other ways to make you to be more stimulated is learning new things. Learning things can stimulate your brain to be improved by not doing monotonous activity. Thus activity that would be recommended is the one that can stimulate your mind and body which for example is learning other new languages. 

Those are the best tips from us to prevent and stop forgetting things easily. Those also can help you to improve your memorizing skill and memory. As human being forgetful things is very normal so don't worry about it. However, remember, it can be dangerous and problem for your life if you're getting often to do it so it's better you stop that habit and prevent it.