10 Best Ways To Stay Healthy and Prevent Disease

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Intriguingtalk.com -  Health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Being health is important in this life and it would even be such a grateful thing to express to from human. It means that healthy is a great condition from someone who mentally and psychically well and have no disease and it's not as easy as you see to get healthy. Look at how many people died of diseases, most of them died because of their lifestyle.

There's so many ways to stay healthy and prevent disease ourselves healthy, especially during covid-19 crisis and quarantine. Those are better to do everyday in our daily activities so it would make your immune and condition to be stabilized and far from any diseases. 

Sadly, there's so many people who doesn't care about their health. Moreover, situation, health is more important to avoid to get any virus especially for old women or men who wants to be always healthy in life. However, we get some best tips for you guys to stay healthy. 

This 10 best ways isn't only for adults but can be for everyone even students.  If you become healthy, it will make you happier and you'll more enjoy your life

So, here are 10 Best Ways To Stays  Healthy and Prevent Disease

1. Eating fruits and vegetables properly

Fruits and vegetables consist of minerals, vitamins, and so on which needed by our bodies. Evidence showed that people consuming more vegetables and fruits can live longer and have less risk to get any disease. 

Expert recommend that a half of your meal plate is fruits and vegetables. 

2. Drink enough water

Drinking water can give you many benefits, which can improve your metabolism and avoid dehydration. 

When you get dehydration, you will get headache, you will feel limp, and so on. Consequently, better drink water at least 8 glass per days so that your body's liquid will be filled to keep your body health. 

3. Doing some exercises 

By doing that properly, it will help you to avoid to get any diseases as well. Working out also can monetize your weight and make you healthier. 
Try to do some exercise or work out for around 30-60 minutes 5 times a week. But, noted that if you can't do it, you can do whenever you want at least you do some exercise. 

4. Get enough sleep

Staying up late at night can be a bad habit for everyone. Instead of sleeping, we usually spend our time on chatting, playing games, and so on. Otherwise, not getting enough sleep can make you likely get some disease and make you less focus. 

As a result, you should get enough sleep because it will help you to keep you healthy overall. To make you sleep easily, better not drink coffee at night kr afternoon. 

5. Washing your hands properly

One of ways to keep your body staying healthy is to wash your hand properly. Why? Because we don't know how many bacteries and viruses on our hands after holding or touching something which can make you get disease. 
So that, you need to wash your hands properly, especially after doing something. 

6. Don't drink any products of softdrink too much

Most people love drinking soft drink without knowing that it's bad for their health. Some experiment showed that drinking one or two soft drinks per day can make you possible to get diabets or 26 percent higher. Not only that, it can also create more disease such like liver, and so on. 

7. Stop consuming Junk Food

Junk food probably has delicious taste that can make you addicted to consume it more than it should. Whereas junk food has less protein, vitamins, and so on that can make you always feel hungry and want more. 
Beside that, junk food usually is made of lots of sugar and so on which is not healthy and can create any disease such like heart attack and so on. 

8. Manage your stress well

Stress is probably usual thing that often happens to us, but it's more important we have to know and manage it well.
Stress can be high risk for you to get disease

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9. Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Smoking not only get damage for lungs but also ruined others. It can make you more likely to get cancer, heart disease, and other serious diseases. Even passive smoker can have risk to get same diseases like that 

It happens also when it comes to alcohol. Drinking alcohol can make us risk at getting cancer and heart diseases. 

10. Protect your skin

Getting too much sunshine for long time not only can make your skin get burnt but also can make you get risk at getting skin cancer. 

Make sure that your protect your skin by wearing clothes with long slave and hats whenever you go. Also, use sunscreen to make it better. 

I think those are the best tips to get healthy body and life. Remember that we can do it step by step so we can do it all and make it as lifestyle. Anyways, if we get healthy, accidentally for sure, we will get prevented from any disease which can make us happier and enjoy our life. Your happiness and health are important, guys!