The Story of Treasuring The World Between Love and God Love can be hard sometimes. Especially, when it comes to sexuality and beliefs. How do you consider your sexuality identify and how much do you believe your beliefs and God. Do you guys believe your love or maybe sexuality? I guess, sexuality is just a label for people to get their right and acknowledgment in this world. I think, it's not such a taboo thing for nowadays, when people are free to express it and come out to others. Buy, sometimes, things haven't been easy for other people and the one who makes it difficult is : OURSELVES

The fact that ourselves is daubt against what we believe and what we feel. Not because we hate to consider it, but something that we cant explain and won't go out of that. Something that we consider as purpose of life and it can't be tolerance do.

So here the story goes.

There's a girl, normal and straight girl. She believes God and such a religious girl who came from a religious family. She's been never any relationship before. She daubt. She met a girl whom studying together with in college. She liked her, not because she was hot or something, it's because she was really easy going and fun to talk to also she had same interest as her. After going college, they always texted each other, like just talking about movie, life, music and others. She kinda had feeling for her. She always smiled when she got her message. One day, they were kinda flirting. She was happy but then she realized everything went wrong. Both of them are straight, i mean the girl she liked to was really straight and just consider her as a good friend.

She realised that she can't like girls because it's such a forbidden thing in her religion and she knew that God hate it. Every time they were hanging out, she always stared at her and listen carefully about what she talked. One day, she even has been out of mind which is she was fantasy to kiss her lips but she could handle it. She knew that she went too far and tried to wonder whether she was bisexual or not because she was attracted to girls. However, she didn't want to be bisexual or lesbian, she's scared of sin. She just wants to be straight and normal. Then, she tried to be back normal as she can. to like boys. She realize that her friend just consider her as a good friend, not more, and she just comes to her because she needs something or someone to talk to.

She started to watch gay videos as much as she could so that exactly she could like boys again and yeah it was success.
She knows all those things are forbidden and the purpose of life is pray to God because she believed we're gonna back to God again and God takes us here to be challenged.

So, we can conclude that rights or freedom to express sexuality isn't just simple. You couldn't just say "Just come out, c'mon. We support you". No guys. It's more compicated than you think and can't understand out of mind. It's a principle. Everyone has different principle of life. If you would just say " You should be honest with yourself". No, it's not about honesty. It's about life and how we write the life story between world and another dimension. Life is yours and the choice in on your hands.

Respect each others. We cant force someone to follow our principle of life, bit we can respect. Therefore, we can't hate that or judge easily. All love and all respect for all people. We are same, no difference. That's kind of life advice. Hope it helps you, when you're confused about you sexuality and beliefs,