7 Productive and Useful Things You Can Do During Lockdown and Quarantine

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

IntriguingTalk.com - Quarantine really makes our life stuck in a place and at this point we get really bored over all things. Corona virus really hit all of us hard, even the earth, while we don't know when the quarantine ends. I guess we don't know what to do during this quarantine time and just doing nothing. Otherwise, it seems that it will last for long time. If we don't pick right activities to do during this free time, our productivity gonna get decreased. For example, our schedule sleep must be messed up and everything become rare. But, in this article, we will help you to do some useful things that exactly gonna boost your productivity and creativity, so you needn't worry which things should you do during lock-down and corona virus quarantine.

Here are 5 Useful Things That You Can Do During Quarantine

1. Reading Books.

This is a great thing to do and it's really true. It's not true that it's such a boring one. Start to pick or buy some books whether fictional or non-fictional to read. Data said that the more books we read, the cleverer we are. Why? Because books gives us time to think something through words and imagine something using our mind while reading words by words. During this free time, our brain and mind must be empty and not as functional as the daily routine because basically we're just gonna do nothing. So, reading is the best choice to reactive our brain's functional. Beside, reading can give us much knowledge and increase our critical thinking. You're gonna get some fun and be entertained as well! So better spend time reading book than scrolling tik tok right?

2. Learning Other Languages

Um, i loved this. Learning other languages is really fun. If you learn it, you gotta know their cultured as well -- I mean if you're interested. Nowadays, we know that "working world" is hard and pretty competitive to enter and by mastering some languages can make it little bit easier. It can give you further career and impact to your life. It's kind of "asset" of your own self and your future. Beside enrich your knowledge on point. Who doesn't want to be a polyglot? - people who master many languages. What a cool one! and of course! You needn't need a guide language while you travel in exact country whose language you mastered in.

There are 2 ways to start it : you can either join the course or learn by yourself.
For instance, spanish and germany. If you want to learn by yourself, you can start with languages app such like duo lingo, tandem, and so on.

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3. Learning Dancing

Brought by TikTok, Dancing is really popular and trending nowadays. I always think that the one who can dance is always literally DOPE. I mean that is really great skill to learn at. Like you just dance following the rhythm's of the song and make it as fun activity during lock-down. Despite that, you also gonna get healthy body because by dancing we basically take your swear out just like when you doing fitness. In addition, dancing is also can be learnt by videos and you can increase your skill and ability which is good for self-improvement.

4. Trying Music Instruments

Music always be a good friend in every situation, but have you ever thought to make it one? Become listener is a common thing. Otherwise you can be the who plays it. Playing instruments give you a relax and happiness self that is unique. Despite that the fact it needs a whole time to learn it, depends on yourself. It can increase your music skill and got you into music world that would be really fun. You can start learning guitar, drum, and so on. It would be cool if you are able to play guitar and sing at the same time, wouldn't? So try it!
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5. Cooking

In this quarantine, there are many people who try this as new hobby and become addicted. Cooking is the best way to try new things and then proudly serve it. Well, you may seem it's complicated and messy but nope, don't say that until you try it. Trying new recipe and then cook it is best damn thing that we cam feel. Like if you succeeded to make it, you gonna so happy. Other benefits you can get is, it will increase your cooking skill, which is great for you especially girls and wifey wannabe. Also, you can save your money much not to buy other foods and get healthier by eating your own cook food. You can serve it to your family or partner which gonna make them happy for sure!

6. Painting

For you who loves drawing and painting, i think it's good tie to increase your skill. Beside you gotta get fun from this, you can earn money from this. Your painting can be sold through online and if some one buy it, surely, you will get money and it will increase your income during this pandemic situation.

7. Writing/Blogging

This is recommended, especially for you who loves writing story. By writing, you can earn money too. For instance, you can try do blogging and try some affiliate program. Other ways, you can try write some story or book, drop your imagination through reading and you can also be a copywriter if you're interested tho.

I think it's the best way to do some useful things that can increase our productivity and also can give so much benefits for ourselves. Not only, that, we get nothing bored and not-wasting this ''long period'' time while we wait this pandemic ends. It will make us longer stay at home than doing rare things outside home which can be dangerous things for our health. Hope you all stay safe and keep stay home!