5 Actual Reasons Why Girls Choose Not To Wear Make Up

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

Intriguingtalk.com - Make up has been a girl's a must thing to wear all around time. It's not just a part of attractiveness, but it has been essential part of most girls especially when it comes to special event. For teenage up to adult even older woman, would love to wear it. You know guys, like as new a lot of videos tutorial from beauty guru that gonna help us how to wear make up, mostly teenagers started watching it and become trending. They even would buy best make up products with high price as long as it's worth for her. For instance, kylie cosmetic and maybelline, who wouldn't want that?

Girls might feel so confident over herself by wearing make up, because appearance is number one, girls! So, it would be possible that girls won't wear it. But, WAIT, not every girls will wear make up to make themselves more beauty and there are some girls who just loves being natural wherever they go. You must be wondering like " How can you be confident and comfortable without make up on your face?" or just goes with this question '' Why you choose not to wear make up'' or " Can't buy make up? Let me give mine'' Okay, just shut up, everybody!

Everyone must have choice in what they want to do in their lives. If you ask '' Is it okay not to wear make up?" or probably " Am i normal to wear make up"? Yes, girls. You are so normal and just be yourself and Well, i think it's so fine . i’m sure that they have some private reasons why they have to do that.

So answering your curiosity about the reason why some girls don't wear make up. Here are 5 Actual Reasons Why Girls Choose Not To Wear Make Up.

1. They wanna look natural, so they don’t wear make up

Guys, there are still many girls in this world who just loves being natural, their population still large though. Don't think that all girls are make up-addiction and comfortable to put it on. They just want to be pretty naturally without anything on it or any helps by make up. We can conclude that they have pretty strong bone confidence in themselves and unique. Looking stunning without anything in their face. Despite the fact that they want try to save animal sea or environment just because of this.

2. They may be tomboy

This is such a common reasons. So it does happen to my friend as well who acts like boys. From her clothes, hairstyle, or maybe daily activities, much likely to boys' stuff. Even though not always be like that, i mean not every tomboy girls don't wear make up, but some of them wear it though not much.

3. They hate and feel uncomfortable by wearing makeup

This! A lot of girls feel uncomfortable while wearing make up. I don't know whether it's just about the product or skin issue that they have, but i feel this. While wearing make up, it feels " suck' and ''stuck'' yeah kinda like that and that makes most of girls hate make up. Ah yeah, also when you got trauma after some cases related to make up, ended by hating them. Life is sucks, sometimes!

4. They have plan in what ages they want to wear make up

It happens to teenagers or adult probably. I found out that there are many teenager girls or adults planning to what ages they're ready or gonna wear make up full. The reasons can be probably they haven't ready yet or haven't got a willingness and not care about make up. Perhaps, they have lots of thing that should have been done and have no time to think about make up

5. They may have different principle than another girls

Every girl has different principles of life which can be probably come from their family tradition or others. I've ever found out that there's some girls believe that make up is forbidden by God and that was taught in their beliefs. 

Not only that, there are some girls who really thrifty about their money so they don;t wear it and prefer to buy foods or something.

So, that's the actual reason why girls don't wear make up. It's better to respect whatever their reason not to wear it. Every girls is beauty in their own way, whether they use make up or not, they are always looking pretty.