6 Easiest Ways To Handle and Reduce Stress

 Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

IntriguingTalk.com - Lots of woks or things can make stress. Stress can be annoying because we can't focus do what we want. Many people get stuck on how to reduce stress and even take suicide. Lots of people solve stress by unhealthy way such like drinking, drugs, and so on. But, believe me, it's just temporary and that way just makes us unhealthy. Stress can be handled by doing positive things. Rough time gonna go easily and fun time will come to us. How can stress come is just because we spend too much on things that we're focus on and getting difficult on it. It can be such a serious disease if we don't handle it well. So, We will share you best tips to reduce and handle stress, in healthy way exactly. Here are 6 Easiest Ways To Handle and Reduce Stress.

1. Get Fresh Air

When stress begins to hit, be aware of it and breathe fresh air. Sticking to a situation and a monotn position will not be able to cope with stress, it will deteriorate the condition. For example, when you have lots of work, you will be forced to get it done quickly.

In fact, it will only make the results of the work not good. For that, go out the room and breathe fresh air even for a while. Because, fresh air can help to calm down so you'll be able to think clearly.

2. Drinking lots of water

There are many people who vent their stress by drinking drinks that contain alcohol such as beer, wine and so on. Those who do this think that the drink are capable of being a ' drug ' of stress repellent panacea. Indeed, the drink can give a calm effect, but only temporary. When the alcoholic effect disappears, then the stress will come back.

When the condition is depressed, it is good to consume lots of water instead of helping to reduce tension. Without realizing stress causes body fluid will be reduced so that this condition raises fatigue in the body. Therefore, drinking plenty of water can overcome the condition of the body that is deficient in liquids. When the body's fluid recovers, the perceived fatigue will begin to fade, so stress can be solved.

3. Meditation

Some experts think meditation is one of the most powerful ways of overcoming stress. Meditation will help a person focus their thoughts and feelings in order to concentrate and relaxation. By doing so, breathing will become more orderly, heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal.

This condition can certainly lower the stress hormones so that the body becomes quieter. According to the results of the study, meditation for 15 minutes could give the same effect on body fitness such as exercise for 1 hour.

4. Work out

Maybe you wonder, how can people stress instead be told sports? Do not go wrong, with sports can not only nourish the body but also strengthen the soul. Stress is one form of the emotional disorder of the soul. Then exercise can be an option to overcome it.

It can be scientifically explained that with exercise, the body will increase the production of endorphin hormones that are able to provide a relaxing effect on the mind. In addition, sports also mobilize muscles, accelerate blood circulation, and open the lungs to take more oxygen. Thus, the condition of the body becomes stable and healthier.

5. Avoid high-carbohydrate foods

"When I was stressed, I ate a lot." Not a few acknowledge that eating is a lot of stress relief. Unfortunately, food consumption especially containing high carbohydrate is strongly discouraged under any circumstances, including when it is experiencing stress. High-carbohydrate foods spur the high levels of insulin in the body. Consequently, the body becomes tired quickly and bad mood that could have added to stress.

6. Adequate rest

When the body is tired, it is difficult to control the body pressure, let itself overcome stress. Therefore, do not force the body to undergo intensive activities continuously. A tired body (due to lack of rest )can lead to decreased concentration and no focus on facing various problems that are being experienced.

Rest the body with sufficient sleep time, that is for 7-8 hours a day. With the activity of sleep or rest is able to rejuvenate a tired body so that when waking the body and mind will feel fresher back and ready to go through the activity in the next day.

It's not good to maintain stress for too long. Unconsciously pressured by pressure will increasingly weigh on thoughts and feelings. It is not good for health. Therefore, when it starts to feel depressed and stressed, you should immediately overcome it in the right way. Choose one of the ways that you can enjoy or combine several ways. That way, stress can be solved quickly so that it can walk routines as usual (In healthy ways). So that's 6 Easiest Ways To Handle and Reduce Stress from us. Hope it will help you and good luck!