5 Best Free Apps to Learn Spanish For Beginners ( 100% FREE)

 Collin Dictionary

IntriguingTalk.com - There's so many languages in the world that is beautiful in each way. As human living in this world, we may interest to learn other languages. One of those hardest languages that most to be learnt to is Spanish. Spanish with its beautiful phrase that can make people fall in love with its instead. There are 450 million people in the world which speak Spanish fluently which means 13.5% population in the world speak Spanish. According to data, there are also 22 country that use Spanish as daily language.

As you know , there are many ways to learn Spanish free and fast without paid anything and without using money which using an language application. You can learn Spanish by yourself, to improve and upgrade your Spanish proficiency. Pure 100% free.. I see that not many Spanish applications in phone store offer free lessons, usually they take half of lessons that free and the rest is need to be paid. I have been summarized top 5 best apps to learn Spanish easier and quickly, 100% free full lessons.

1. Fastlingo - Spanish from Scratch

I would say this is the best and most recommend app to learn Spanish by yourself. In this app, you don't need to pay any subscribe because this app offer you full free lesson. Not only that, this app is easy to be understood and will teach you from such a very beginning way. When you first open this app, you will be showed about grammar, the form of sentence and other things.There's also audio to be listened how to speak the sentence. I would say this app is HIGHLY recommend for you who really beginner in Spanish.
The best thing is that this app not only have Spanish version, but also has Germany and french version. This app is so underrated though has the best service.

2. Spanish Proficiency

Like its name, this app is HIGHLY recommended as well for you who really wants to learn Spanish and pass Spanish test. Beside that, this app is 100 % free purely. This app offers some level options to learn such like beginner, intermediate, and so on. When you have chosen your level to be learnt, you will be shown many lessons in there which for example, when you choose beginner, you gonna meet such lesson like identify basic objects, count to ten, what you like to do and so on. It's taught from simple and beginner things. The best thing that this app has great videos which in the format of interviews in spanish, and others to exercise your listening skill. This app is such a helpful app though the design and visual is quite bad.

3. Linguistica

By hearing its name, i guess you can guess what kind of this app is. Yeah, exactly, this app is the best way to exercise your listening, reading, and speaking skill. Like what i said before, this app offers you some news, of course in Spanish, with an audio in it ( in slow condition). So it's the best for you who wants to be better while speaking Spanish and the one who wants to pass Spanish proficiency test. Oh yes, this app is 100% free guys.

4. Tandem

This app is kind of an exchange language app. The reason why i put this app on this list because this app has some good features to learn Spanish. Exactly not only Spanish, but other languages as well. This app has best features like video chat, voice note, call, or texting. Also, there's translate tool in there. The best thing is that you can speak directly to native speaker and being avoided from pedophile or stuff like that. This app is SUPER SAFE and you don't need worry about sexual harassment from strangers, Because when you signed up your account, this app will review you first and you'll get notification whether you're approved or not. Of course, this app also require its users to use their own photo to be their photo profile. If you don't use your own ones, you're gonna be rejected or you can't change your profile

Well, you may be so unfamiliar with those app because i think those app are so underrated though free and useful. I think that's best tips in how to learn Spanish quickly and how to speak Spanish fluently fast. Keep do the exercise properly and you'll get what you want because there's no instant ways to learn language. If you're wondering what's the best way to learn spanish, you can try this way to find your answer. Good luck for your studying!