Top 10 Cutest Types of Cat In The World

 Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash - Cats are one of the cutest types of pets, and the most widely preserved by people because of their amusing levels that are entertaining. There are many different types of cats or cat breeds that are suitable to be kept at home. But actually there are still many other types and breeds of cats that you can choose, to accompany you at home.

Although there are many types of cats and cat breeds that come from all over the world, there are only a few popular ones. Others are rare or difficult to find, or it can also be because people prefer to maintain a popular type of cat only. If you're finding some cute cat to be pet, so this is must be great article for you.

There are some consider choosing which type of cat to maintain, such as how it looks, its characteristics, its uniqueness, and much more. A sure cat is the most adorable creature in the world. So, Here are The Cutest Types of Cat In The World.

1. Persian cat

Of course you know the race of this one, because the type of Persian cats is the most widely preserved type of cats in Indonesia even possible in the world.

As the name of this cat comes from the land of Iran or Persia, but now the country of England and America has become the largest distributor of Persian cat producers.
flat and a rounded face. Her body is short, her leg size is short, and her hair is long and smooth.

While the characteristic of this Persian cat is quiet, compassionate, not overactive, and most importantly loyal. Any kind of food, can be dry or wet.

2. Himalayan Persian Cat

Apparently, the Persian cat is also still divided into its type, one of which is the Himalayan Persian cat. The cat has been known since hundreds of years ago, but it has only been known in continental Europe around the 1950s.

This cat is the result of a cross of a Persian cat and a Siamese cat, that's what makes this Himalayan Persian cat unique and interesting.

Almost identical to the ordinary Persian cat he has a type of nose that is Pesek, and his fur is thick and long. The feather color is very unique and interesting, the color of bright blue eyes. For the food type is also not difficult, you can give dry or wet food at nearby animal stores.

3. Blue Russian Cat

This type of cat can be aligned with the type of world smart cats, the characteristics of Russian cat blue is quite interesting. Besides smart cats this one also has a special closeness to the owner.

It can be very sticky with his employer, besides this cat is also somewhat shy from the person who thinks it is foreign.

For the type of food is the same as the type and other cat breeds, you can give the Russian cat blue dry or wet food.

Named Russian Blue because this cat is originally from Russia. The cat has a short feather, and the color of the fur is usually gray with a green eye color and attractive.

4. Types of domestic cats or Indonesian village cats

Not everyone loves to keep a race cat or a home cat, some people prefer the domestic cat or the Indonesian village cat. This one cat is so popular, and easy to find for example on a highway, in an alley near the house, in a house, and others.

In general, this cat has good characteristics and properties, it is very self-reliant, has a sharp memory, and has a strong physical.

Glimpse of the village cat looks a bit wild and creepy. But actually they are more easily tame and have friendly nature, they are also accustomed to eating anything.

5. Turkish Anggora Cat

Anggora is a type of natural cat and the oldest cat in the world, it is said that this cat is often associated with the myth of legend from Turkey hence the name Turkish Anggora.

Although originally not from Turkey and not yet known from where. This cat has a medium body size, and has a very long and beautiful fur.

The physical characteristic of this Turkish Anggora cat is almost identical to that of a Persian cat, but in general the shape of his head is triangular and his nose mancung. And the fur in the neck is longer than the others.

6. American Shorthair Cat

This type of cat race is a descendant of the European Shorthair and the British Shorthair. Along with the passage of time the cat's name is transformed into a American Shorthair.

It has a moderate body size, and strong leg muscles and paw claws. Their body shape is enveloped with a short but thick plumage.

The plumage of the feather serves to protect his body from the cold and cool weather. In fact this American type Shorthair cat has a strong and healthy physique, this cat usually prefers a wet food like fish meat, chicken or beef.

7. Cat Siamese

The next type of cat that is cute and suitable to maintain is Siamese cats. This cat is a type of Oriental cat originating from Thailand.
Siamesse is a very popular type of cat in the world, it's no wonder that many people love to nurture it.
It has a sleek body shape, a long tail and a blue eye color. For a good type of food and suitable for it, you can give her a kind of wet meal.

8. Norwegian Forest Cats

For you cats lovers are definitely no stranger to Norwegian forest Cats, which are from Norway and Scandinavia.

Its trademark lies in its very long fur size, which is thick in the winter and fall out in spring. The unique is that it has short, white fur, and long, dark feathers. The character is friendly and also quiet.

9. The Maine Coons Cats

It is also the world's oldest type of cat, originating in the Maine region of the United States. It has a very large body shape, high, and also heavy. Can even reach 1 metre high.

The fur is soft, smooth and thick and also waterproof. It has interesting properties such as independent, active, and dear to its owner.

10. Sphynx Cat

This one cat has a very short feather that looks like it doesn't have fur. Its physical characteristic is that it has a moderate, upright, but rounded body size in its abdomen. The shape of the head is triangular and quite long, the neck is also long, muscular and also rounded.

The characteristic of this Sphinx cat is active, loyal to its owner, intelligent, and compassionate type of cat. What kind of food can dry food and can also get wet food. The history of this cat originated from Canada.

So that's  10 Cutest Types of Cat In The World. The most memorable  cat are spread all around the world, Just how you find it. What's your fav one and which cats do you wanna keep? Commen below!